ERWIN promos


Promos for Manuel Bartual’s comic book for kids “ERWIN, el gato cuántico” (ERWIN, Quantum Cat), animated by Arbeyu Studio.



TheRealPatete is a “virtual influencer” project that includes a Twitter account, a YouTube channel where he posts his gaming newscasts and other related videos, as well as a Twitch channel with the first Spanish-speaking animated streamer.

Math MAX


Venga Monjas presents a comedy sketch animated by Arbeyu Studio!

Crisis Cartoons


“Crisis Cartoons” is an animated series funded through crowdfunding  which, through its skits and auto-conclusive episodes, shows a satirical view of modern society while trying to experiment with various different visual styles.

Laggard & Feldspar


Day after day, two strange individuals meet in a very special yard. By destiny’s fate, they always end up finding some very peculiar object that will drive them nuts. Be it a pair of glasses, some chewing gum, a mustache, an orthopedic (?) arm or an interdimensional portal, there’s a good chance that these two won’t end well. (Just keep in mind that some Spanish celebrities may not be known at all in your country!)

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