Day after day, two strange individuals meet in a very special yard. By destiny’s fate, they always end up finding some very peculiar object that will drive them nuts. Be it a pair of glasses, some chewing gum, a mustache, an orthopedic (?) arm or an interdimensional portal, there’s a good chance that these two won’t end well. (Just keep in mind that some Spanish celebrities may not be known at all in your country!)

Laggard & Feldspar” is a crowdfunding-financed, youth and geek-oriented series which uses a short length format that concentrates a constant succession of visual gags related to the title characters and the objects they keep finding, which reference series, movies, TV programs or famous characters from recent times.

  • Official selection Carballo InterPlay 2015.
  • Official selection Baja Web Fest 2015.
  • 3rd place in public votings at FEW-Webfest 2015.
  • Official selection Festival de Cinema de Girona 2015.
  • Official selection 3D Wire 2017.

You can watch the episodes on Arbeyu Channel, at the Laggard & Feldspar playlist.

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