Arbeyu Studio presents their original online content sponsoring services, through their latest creation “Laggard & Feldspar” (in Spanish, “Rezagado y Feldespato”).

Day after day, two strange individuals meet in a very special yard. By destiny’s fate, they always end up finding some very peculiar object that will lead them to a most unusual situation. Be it a pair of glasses, some chewing gum, a mustache, an orthopedic (?) arm or an interdimensional portal, there’s a good chance that these two won’t end well.

Starting December 2014, the title characters will get involved in the most unpredictable scenarios because of the many objects that materialize in their usual meeting point. It’s the first animated series to be made in Asturias (Spain), with 13 youth-oriented miniepisodes of about 2 minutes each.”Laggard & Feldspar” is also the first Spanish animated series to follow a sponsoring system through the Patreon platform, which gives preference to content creation over the collected sum. Like other crowdfunding systems, it offers each episode’s patrons the access of exclusive material, depending on their contribution, as well as advertising services for the business that with to sponsor them.

More information on the series and its crowdfunding campaign (in Spanish) at:

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