Did you think that you would not see more news about festivals here until next year? Surprise!

The Crisis Cartoons have been selected along with 53 other international webseries to participate in Baja Web Fest 2016. It will be the second series by Arbeyu Studio at the festival, after the passage from Laggard and Feldspar for last year’s edition. Viva Mexico! 😀

On this occasion and until December 15, it will be yourselves who decide the winner. If you want to aphear the series and help Arbeyu Studio continue to grow, you can vote for it (even once a day) from here: http://telenu.tv/bwf2016/CrisisCartoons

Thanks to the festival team for choosing this series and congratulations to the rest of those selected!

Baja Web Fest 2016 website: http://telenu.tv/bwf2016
More info about the Crisis Cartoons series: http://www.arbeyu.com/en/projects/crisis-cartoons-en/ 

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