Free stuff! :D

Celebrating the half-year of Laggard and Feldspar and its recent foray into social networks, we are going to raffle a t-shirt or mobile phone case (to choose) among all those of you who follow their accounts on Twitter or Facebook and share some of the episodes that they publish on them (either by “favorite” and “retweet” on Twitter, or by “Like” and “Share” on Facebook).

Every time you share an episode on one of the networks, you will have an additional chance to win in the raffle (for example, if you share 4 episodes on Twitter, you will have 4 “ballots ” to be chosen and if you also share them on Facebook you will have 4 more possibilities).

We remind you that their official accounts on social networks are:

The draw will take place in July once there are at least 10 participants. Until then, you can still tell your friends to sign up. ;)


Here are some examples of the prizes to be chosen by the winner (you can see many more models at http://www.

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